Colby Rebel is a worldwide coach and motivator. She is a certified master teacher and life coach and has the honor of traveling around the world teaching others how to maximize their potential and live their purpose. Colby is a 3x international best-selling author and popular podcast host.


Are you ready to live your purpose?

Join Colby for this video series based on the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Book! Colby shares practical tips, immediate tools, and shares instant answers to help you develop your psychic and medium gifts!

You will also have an opportunity to gain invaluable insight into everything you need to know how to make your dream a reality!

Your time is NOW!



Tired of being controlled by Grief?

Time to take your power back.

Join Colby for this four-week video series to overcome the feeling of being controlled by grief.

This series will show you how to take back your power by diving into the stages of grief, understanding our physical loss, how to connect to a loved one, and action steps to continue on your journey of healing & happiness.



Are you interested in developing your platform?

Do you have a desire to bring through specific evidence and details from spirit and deliver them to a larger group or audience with specificity, confidence and conviction?

Join Master Spiritual Teacher Colby Rebel for this intensive 6-Month mentoring program where you will receive individualized attention, direction, feedback and opportunities to practice and hone your platform mediumship.



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