Grief No More

21 Days To Healing & Happiness

Is grief taking over your life? Ready to bring in healing & happiness? Would you like to connect to a loved one in Spirit? If you answered YES to these questions, this course is for you!



21 Days To Healing & Happiness

Tired of being controlled by Grief? Time to take your power back.


What Is Grief?

In Week ONE we explore the meaning of grief, learn about the 5 stages of grief, discuss grief episodes and learn ways we can support someone suffering through grief.

The Soul Transition

In week TWO, we dive into the process of the soul transition. What happens to our loved ones when they cross over? Why do we feel the physical loss so much? This week closes with understanding signs & symbols from our loved ones in Spirit with action steps to help you make your own connection!

Connecting To A Loved One

In week THREE, we dive in deeper from how to talk to a loved in Spirit to understanding dreams. Ever wonder if animals have souls? Ready to receive a message from your loved one in Spirit? We explore all of this and so much more in week 3!

Taking Action

In week FOUR, we wrap it up, recap and give you bonus action steps to continue on your journey of healing & happiness. 

Included in week 4 is a special Poem From Spirit!


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Taught by Certified Master Spiritual Teacher Colby

Meet Colby

Colby Rebel

Colby is a certified master spiritual teacher, #1 best-selling author, professional psychic medium and host of the hit show #LIVEwithColbyRebel. Colby travels around the world demonstrating her gift with spirit and helping students to develop and hone their spiritual gifts.

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